August 28, 2016

Sylvanas, Dalaran & Demon Hunters

Bravo Blizzard, pre patch events are really making the time leading up to the launch feel extra entwined with the new expansion content. Spoiler alert, you're gonna see Jaina, Sylvanas, Dalaran, Ulduar, Karazhan, Demonhunters and Illidan, it's crazy, and they made it work.

An introduction which tells you the story, puts you in the center of it, and let's experience the events happening as you quest through them. The cinematics are crazy good and they leave you in high pre expansion fever. Seriously, if you think these events are not for you, I would advise them for the cinematics alone.

Before you purchase the expansion you are able to take part in the Broken Shores event and the Demon Invasion events all over Azeroth. And if you pre purchase Legion, you are able to create your Demon Hunter and level to 100 with an introduction quest line.

I think we can all agree that the Warlords of Draenor, whilst highly anticipated after Mists of Pandaria, still fell short. Many people stayed stuck in their Garrisons, much content fellt like a testing ground, it was time to move on.

During the BlizzCon announcement for Warlords, it was said Blizzard were already working on 'the expansion after Warlords'. It goes to show the amount of time put into this time around. The beta was very promising, and the prelaunch events prepared you for the expansion with fresh new content. Now it's waiting out the last days before launch, and hope Blizzard is able to make it work all the way through, but I'm optimistic.

August 4, 2016

Pre Legion Bliss

WTF Happened To My Class?

The count down to Legion has begun. The pre patch is live, and what now? Talents have been removed, glyphs gone, specs recreated, abilities added, and all of that we get without the anticipated artifact weapon, because we'll have to wait until the actual expansion.

Your class has now completely changed. Some of the remaining talents look familiar, but the specs feels different, and your bars are completely empty. If they feel imcomplete, it is because they are without your weapon.

After leveling a priest on beta and being able to test out the different specs with artifact weapons you get a certain feel for them. Now that it's on a live character with live content, knowing where your class is going to go, I feel I can enjoy the specs as they are now, for what they are during Warlords content. Obviously you feel a bit more clueless if you didn't play beta.

My focus has been on completing achievements since the pre patch went live, and during that time I've been playing with the different spec combinations on all three specs. Shadow when dpsing, holy in dungeons and raids, and disc for soloing and testing viability/fun in other kinds of content.

Before and during beta I thought I was on the fence between disc and holy, but when raiding I think I would prefer Holy, as Discipline now takes a backseat, unless and until a boss requires it, or it compliments the raid comp.


My choice for Holy was not that hard once I got to see it in action during a raid, what it looks in a group bigger than 5 man dungeon, as I healed on beta. The Shakras are gone, but the holy words are there, playing around with the talents for it has been a hoot. My divine hymn is back, and I can even use Symbol of hope, it's different, but it reminds me of what it did during the Vezax encounter.


Shadow to me feels like how I have been wanting the spec to be like, spells which to me make the most sense, and something a vanilla priest could have drooled over 10 years ago. Stupid shadow halo is gone, shadowfiend is there. Twist of Fate and my precious Body & Soul.


Discipline, we go way back, the only thing that would get me into a battleground during Burning Crusade, was being able to play Discipline. It was so different. During the grind in Karazhan, my lolsmiteroflkekspec was the best on those late nights. Now it feels the little amount of heal spells, and the great amount of damage spells, the spec has come full circle and it where it should have gone.

Don't get me wrong, I was so excited when the WotLK pre patch came live, the spec had really changed, seemed viable for raid healing and was exciting in Sunwell, Black Temple and battlegrounds. I played it all the way from Naxx and Sarth 3D. Then during Ulduar when Divine Aegis was added, and the boom of Discipline priests was born. And it was there for me in TotGC and Ice Crown, all the way up to Lich King 25 heroic.

Yet, where it is now, feels like the most logical evolution, and something the spec, and the class, needed, to bring the balance back. Priest has been my favorite class from the early leveling on the character, all three specs combined make it so friendly yet interesting to play. They were brought back to their origine with hints of the past, I hope the test phase is finally over now Blizzard...

The Timewalking events are nicely scheduled during this month with both Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King. Certain play styles, and spell combinations trigger a sense of nostalgia I love. If you're experiencing the pre patch a bit sad and confused, my best advise would be to not be sad and instead test out different things, whilst there is time to do so. And if something sucks, test it anyway, see it as a crash course, practise run and final testing before the real deal.

Me personally, I am very happy and excited. It feels the test phase is finally over, and classes and specs feel brought back to an origionality they once had, I cannot wait to feel it with the full power of artifact weapons. After a format and redo of my addons, I will be ready for Legion!

July 23, 2016

OverWatch Is Out

After its announcement in BlizzCon 2014, and a year wait full of anticipation, Blizzard launched its new game 'OverWatch' May 2016. Their latest game is a shooter, a new format in its gerne, and brings us many maps, heroes and diverse game play to choose from.

Team Work

The games are played in two teams of 6 players. Because you get bonus experience for qeueing up in a group, it's advisable to bring a friend.

There are casual games, player vs A.I., competative and you can create games with your own rules. This could be an interesting game to both the competative gaming industry, but also for casual gamers who want to goof off with friends.


You have a choice between 21 different characters, which differ in their tasks as tanks, healers, offense and defense. Additionally some can fly, some have self heals, some can place turrets, teleports and even can get out of their robot and blow it up, destroy an enemy team in one explotion.

All heroes have their own backstories, and combined with their origional abilities, they feel like complete characters which each bring their own strengths and weaknesses.

Blizzard promised to bring new characters to OverWatch as time goes on, to add new ways to play and add different combos. The first to be announced is Ana, which appears to be a type of sniper, who can also stun and heal.


Another way the different characters bring something different are their ultimate abilities, which can be useful in different times. Use a res of 4 team players at the right time, or launch your exploding robot into the enemy group, and you're one step closer to victory.

The ultimates charge up as you use your abilities, and this takes a few minutes. So on long games you're able to use it several times, in quick games maybe once or twice.

Ultimates can really change the lead in a game, and if timed together, can destroy the opponents team in seconds. For example Symmetra's teleporter allows for quick recovery after death, and Mei's freeze allows for a great combo with any big damage ultimate such as Pharah's.

Capture the Flag

Blizzard created several types of maps involving 2 types of games in which winners are decided. There are capture the flag maps, in which 2 games decide a winner, 3 games if the first two are tied.

Attack vs Defend

And there are attack vs defend maps, in both teams play def and attack, this could sometimes mean to escort a payload.

Heroes Never Die

You do die, however you get a chance to rejoin your team in the battle field after a quick downtime of a few seconds, in which you can play back how you died, or watch your team mates progress on the map.

Maps are designed in a certain way in which you either have an advantage of a near grave yard, or disadvantage of a distant one. This is heavily used in tactics people use. And as a map progresses, you may end up closer or further away from a graveyard as time goes on. Continuesly changing the dinamtic in the battle.

Play of the Game

After completing 2-3 matches versus a team, the groups get randomized and you always face different people, or maybe play against people you previously played with. But before the game ends everyone gets to see a selection of the game which the AI determined the 'Play of the Game'. These are four different types of plays which possibly made a huge difference in the game.

These can be in which players deal a huge amount of damage, possibly blocked an ultimate from going off, ressing or preventing the deaths of team mates and cases in which players did something out of the ordinary for the character.

Sometimes there's selections are expected, when Bastion or Roadhog deal huge amount of damage and kill many, but can also be unexpected, or not visible in the video playback what happened. For example when a Symmetra kills many players with her turrets, but at the time this happened she was away from combat opening a teleporter.

But don't be frustrated with them, it's still an AI trying to interpret the game, sometimes it's win, sometimes it's a miss, but it can also be a great moment of glory when something awesome you just did, is displayed to everyone you just played with.

Weekly Brawl

Alongside being able to build custom games, in which you set the rules, there's also what they call 'Weekly Brawl' in which you can only select specific characters, for example only Mercy and Pharah, so everyone in the game is flying, and most combat happens in the air.

These can be really fun, and force people not only to play characters outside of their comfort zone, it can also be fun to see dinamic on the map change due to the characters on it and who play them.

Let me know in the comments below, which heroes you think I should definately check out. For more Overwatch information check out the official Blizzard Overwatch website or this Reddit.

Origional from my portfolio

July 18, 2016


You may be familiar with whispers from people pretending to be Blizzard Game Masters, asking for your login name and password, to 'unlock' your account', tho real Blizzard employees would never ask you for private information, they have a database. Or spam calendar invites directing you to gold selling websites.

As Blizzard has recently strengthened their defence against bots, rolling out many ban waves, and permanently banning gold sellers, it looks as they are now working even harder to also combat spam from scammers, and other inappropriate ingame behavior. And it doesn't stop there, this will include players who harras others in several different ways, such as spam duals, ingame mails, language, etc.

What they will introduce is a silence penalty. This will mean that while people who obtain the penalty will be able to, for example, wisper and talk in group/instance chats, they will not be able to create groups, calendar invites, start duals or send in game mail. You can read the complete list here.

The restrictions will last 24 hours at first, but will increase if the reports against the player keep coming. It sounds reasonable and a just penalty for people who attempt to make life for other players harder than it has to be. Hopefully if people continue reporting harrassing and scamming, this behavior will go down over time.

Before I sign off, remember that the pre patch is going live this wednesday, the 20th of July. This is your last chance to prepare, and say goodbye to the old and wait in anticipation of Legion. Until next time!

July 13, 2016

Legion Pre-Patch

Only seven days to go until the pre patch goes live. Last week the background downloader started, and a day later it was confirmed, the pre patch goes live July 20th, about 6 weeks before Legion itself goes live.

Not all content will be released with the pre patch, but your abilities for example will change. This means you'll have to wait until you can level to 110 to have access to every skill, such as the pvp skills, but you will have able to play around with a new play style, and prepare your spellbars and addons accordingly.

Another great thing which will go live is the new wardrobe. As you may know the void storage as it is today will go away and will be replaced with a wardrobe. This feature will be account bound, and give you access to all items you have obtained in the game. This means no more worries about where to keep items for transmog. They go as far as to give you back the old quest rewards you could have obtained in the past, so you don't have mourn the loss of an item you could've gotten 8 years ago but didn't because of the horrible stats.

I'm currently still testing Overwatch until the pre patch goes live, but I hope to tell you more about my experiences soon. Ciao for now.