July 14, 2014

Tier 17

Amoungst the shitload of information coming out about Warlords of Draenor was also some nice tier. Priests is usually pretty lucky when it comes to tier, if it doesn't look absolutely fabulous, it usually still looks decent. This tier could go both ways, can't wait to see it on a Blood Elf or Draenei female.

July 7, 2014

Crash Course

This week Rev, Clípz and I, finally pre odered Warlords of Draenor, and with that came a free level 90 character. I still don't know why, but I let myself be talked into using that almost immediately. Maybe dumb thing to do, but I don't think I cared much for having an additional level 90 character, I have so many by now.

I meant to write about this server earlier, but beta became a prio when it came, but the reason I wanted to write this post is because of the videos Blizzard released at the time. They made very short and simple videos about classes, an easy way to get back into the game, get the basic mechanics of a class. Obviously it doesn't tell you the full story of how to play a class to its fullest potential, but it's a nice way to start.

June 30, 2014

Beta Fever

Blizzard send out the first batch of invites for the Warlords of Draenor beta right before the weekend. It seems they chose 'veteran' players to start with (apparently I am one of them), but more are sure to follow. The beta opened June 27, at 2:00 PM PDT.

Thus far it's quite nice, I am enjoying myself. The starting quest line is epic, sure it was simplistic but with the reoccurring npcs by your side, combined with changing of the surroundings, you really get a feel of being in the story, rather than reading about it after killing a few birds.

I was sad to hear the two original capitol cities have been replaced for hubs, Frostfire Ridge really is a cool place to be (nostalgia from BC and WotLK at the same time, did not think that was possible).

June 21, 2014

More Space

Now I know you have been waiting for this as much as I have, tho it's kinda sad it comes this late in the game (only 10 years late), but maybe better late than never.

First there is a reagent bank which seems to be just another tab to your normal bank. I'm not sure if it counts for all reagents or specifically the ones you use for your own professions, but a cool thing regardless.

And my favorite the Toybox, which seems to be storage for 'fun' items, such as the ones you collect with archeology, etc. Those items currently make up about 90% in my own bank, so I am awaiting the day that I breath the fresh air of free bank space.

And lastly there is another tab added (probably costing a few 1000 gold) to voidstorage, makes me wish I hadn't recently sorted through and deleted some old gear, but maybe this is a sign I can collect them once more.