December 10, 2014

Launch Aftermath

Finally time for an update. I've spend the past month obsessively enjoying new content with old friends and new. Warlords brough us a lot of changes to all classes, to healing, items (loot and how that works), and the group finder added before launch made life in game very easy.

But back to the beginning. Launch day November 13th was not flawless, but after my previous (ranty) post about the issues, the game finally became what the creaters wanted it to be (if I can assume) and server qeueus (even on high populated servers such as Kazzak) are all but gone.

So what have I been up to? I guess the usual. I've really been enjoying my Garrison from the start, it's one of those things that felt lame to explain to people who were not on the beta, but even the negative nancies in my guild have gotten in the car (samism, don't ask). And then get your legendary ring, do your daily challenge modes, being in a guild like this again, brought back so many nostalgic moments on teamspeak.

And now raids have been released. Normal was done quite quickly and we're now progressing our way through heroic. Some guilds have cleared 7/7 mythic already, and in all honesty I don't miss it. Sometimes I still htink back of my glory days, but at a certain point I realized that raiding as much as I did was to run away from my depression, and was only possible because I was alone, sitting at home on wellfare. So in that context, right now I have a home, a beautiful husband and a great group of friends to raid with 3 nights a week.

So yeah, things were quiet on the blog for a month, I was really happy I had the Overwatch post ready to have something to share with you guys, but I'm sure you can understand I was too busy exploring Draenor awesomeness. Now I shall work on some posts I have prepared in the past weeks, everything back to regular business, I will share those with you soon.

November 29, 2014


Something inside me said the end of Titan would not be the end of the cool concepts and art uncovered about it. And then Overwatch is unveiled at BlizzCon 2014. It was such a great surprise, and it was nothing like I had imagioned it could be, but everyhing I want it to be. Blizzard put a team shooter in an amazing looking world and are calling it Overwatch. I couldn't help myself but write a more detailed post about it.

'As the world darkens, it still needs heroes.' The game is a team based multiplayer shooter set 60 years in the future. They have made a shooter, and it's suppost to not be a deathmatch. There will be several different modes to play on, and what appears to be, a bundle of maps to play on.

Games will be played in a 6v6 setting. In teams there will be 4 losely defined roles: Offense (scouts/harassers/press an objective/high damage), Defense (guard locations/create choke points/establish a front), Tank (protectors/high survivability/disruption/lead the charge) and Support (heal/buff/utility).

Thusfar 12 characters have been unveiled, but Blizzard promises more are yet to come. Each of the characters gets their own set of unique abilities and backstories, those together with training videos were made available at BlizzCon(where???).

Already Mercy appeals to me. I am what they would call a foreverhealer, there is nothing I love more, and that's pretty much what you'll find me play. So the support role sounds really fun to try out, and Mercy looks like a cute character, let's be honest. So that's definately a cool character to try in the (hopefully) not too distant future (oh Blizz, you know I love your games, help a sister out).

So what do you think? It's a lot to digest, but it looks like something new, and I hope to be playing it soon. To find out more about overwatch go to the official Overwatch website, there you can also sign up for the beta, thought to be opened in Januari 2015.

November 14, 2014


What a letdown these first 24 hours of Warlords have been. My guild is fantastic #SafeCrown #17thumbs up, but this was unreal. I don't always expect to level quick or have smooth gameplay, interrupted by disconnects sometimes more frequent than others. But this was something else. And then the following appeared on MMO-Champion that had many of us laughing or crying:

We've had some time to evaluate the overwhelmingly positive response to Warlords of Draenor as it went live for European players...

Both American and European servers reported massive problems starting with the first quest, being zoned to Draenor, other zoning issues, being ported back to Shrine #Shrined, flying mount spasms, garrison problems and world server going down, on top of the usual lag and disconnects that come with launch nights. Blue posts we're coming out, but mostly telling us there was no eta on anything.

Some we're smart, some we're lucky, and got ahead and we're able to level up with ease, but the most of us can't say we had a good time. And then came a reply I personally was interested in, the garrison. My problems varied from having a #unwantedpartyatmygarrison, falling through the earth, pretty much all problems mentioned above.

This, on top of the qeues that sometimes weren't there, and appear out of nowhere and could peak to over 2000, made the whole first 24 hours a very bad experience. There are things that come with launch day, but you'd hope on the 10th anneversary Blizzard would make the experience on launch day less of a strungle, not more. I'm still eager for the content, I just wish I could see it, and not be stuck not being able to do more than 3 quest in Frostfire Ridge in a 14 hour timespan. Let's hope this is fixed before the weekend.

November 8, 2014

BlizzCon 2014

This year's BlizzCon opening ceremony started with a mini compilation video of how we got here today, mentioning the Blizzard beginnings, Warcraft I, II and III, World of Wacraft, and then, of course, BlizzCon itself. I would love to see the uncut version, it was beautiful. And then Mike Morhaime's speech, in which he addressed the hate and harrasement by a minority of bullies. There is freedom of speech, and people are diverse, but as gamers we are equals, and I am so happy to be a part of this community, and how important this is also to Blizzard.

I must start here. Blizzard unveiled their new game 'Overwatch'. I already started writing an individual, more detailed post on this, it's a very interesting looking shooter, yes they have made a shooter. I like the direction they've taken with the divercity of games they're releasing. The games by themselves stand apart, but all still have that Blizzard feel to them. It remains trial and error, but a certain attention to detail appears to be brought back to the games. So as said, more on Overwatch to come after everything BlizzCon.

Warcraft, the Movie
And then there was the Warcraft movie. Appearently more is happening behind the scenes than we have been aware of. After much speculation and postponing, there is finally some footage released, and the movie is on the way. For us watching at home have to wait a little bit longer, but there was a screening for visiters of this year's event, and I hope it will be teased for the masses shortly.

There are costumes, props, they build entire sets, such detail went into the production of the movie, I am glad they were patient to make every detail be right. They've collected a great looking cast, such as Travis Fimmel (Vikings), Paula Patton (Deja Vu ) and Clancy Brown (who had also voiced Thrall in a failed Blizzard concept).Oh my sweet Spaghetti lord, have I been awaiting this movie.

Looking For Group
The documentary 'Looking For Group' was also mentioned, a short clip of this was shown in the opening ceremony. The teaser for it appeared a few days ago in the launcher a few days ago, and I have been anxious to see it ever since. It is a trip through memory lane, and shows us the beginnings and the story so far of Blizzard as a company, and as a great family within the gaming community. And the impact the game has had on the world and on Blizzard itself. On day 2 they showed the documentary in its entirety, and by the time some of you read this the video should be out on Youtube.

World of Warcraft
On day one they went over a lot of the class and item changes that have already been implemented into the game, and also how the loot system will work in the expansion. On day two there was a cinematics panel and World of Warcraft Q&A.

The live raid was a nice preview of Highmaul as a raid dungeon, no surprise Horde Europeans are superior over Alliance Americans. And of course, the contests did not disappoint this year, the videos were really good, and one of my favorite moments was the song Ready Check. Currently Matellica is still playing, but I'm going to skip it and catch up on some sleep. Last countdown has begun...